Business Communication – Developing Effective Business Presentation Skills



    The free online course Business Communication – Developing Effective Business Presentation Skills will help learners prepare more effectively for a presentation, be more confident speaking in front of people, and develop the skills to engage and persuade an audience. Many business professionals lack confidence when it comes to making presentations but the good news is that effective presentation skills can be learned. In this course you will learn how to plan and develop an effective presentation by breaking it into its essential components, map its flow and create appropriate text, graphics and other presentation aids. You will learn how to assess the expectations of your audience and engage with them effectively by understanding their demographics, listening style and presentation expectations. You will also learn how to overcome nervousness and become more confident when speaking in public. You will learn tips and techniques to deliver presentations naturally, whether you are speaking at a small team meeting or presenting to an audience of hundreds. This free online course will be of great interest to all business professionals who want to prepare and deliver presentations with confidence, expertise and professionalism, and all learners who want to be more confident when speaking in public.


    Having completed this course the learner will be able to:
    – Describe the steps in the process of planning a speech;
    – Identify the general purpose and specific purpose of a speech;
    – Understand the importance of research in developing your topic;
    – Use resources to gather information effectively;
    – Document your sources correctly and avoid plagiarism;
    – Describe common myths and realities of public speaking;
    – Overcome common obstacles in public speaking.

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