Personal development review (Oxford University)


    This self-study, online course is for those new to Personal Development Review, which is the University’s appraisal scheme for staff. The course will take about 45-60 min to complete. You can work through it all at once, or in sections. There are no assignments and no tutoring. If you require further help, please check the resources on the Learning Institute’s webpages on PDR or contact your administrator who can offer appropriate support.

    This course is for:

    • Reviewers (managers who carry out reviews with their staff), it could also be of help to reviewees (those whose review it is).

    You may find it helpful to discuss the contents with your line manager or administrator, or with a colleague experienced in carrying out PDRs so that you understand fully the approach your department takes, as some aspects of PDR can vary between departments.


    The course aims to provide an overview of the PDR process and of what happens at each stage. It also looks at some of the key skills you will need to carry out a PDR effectively so that, by the end of the course, you are better equipped to carry out your first PDRs.

    Learning objectives/outcomes

    We expect that by the time you have completed this course you will:

    • Have a clear understanding of the PDR process;
    • Know what your role is as a reviewer and how to enable reviewees to get the most from PDR.
    • Be able to carry out initial PDRs effectively and have a platform from which to reflect on, and refine, your practice.


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